Wastewater Odor ControlSolving wastewater odors is one of the biggest challenges of wastewater treatment. Not only is it offensive to plant personnel and surrounding residents and businesses, but it’s also highly toxic and destructive to sewer infrastructure. As a result, every facility that handles wastewater is looking for ways to alleviate the problem. At Aquatic BioScience, LLC, we have proven products that are designed to address wastewater odor control.

The Problem

A number of odorous gases can result from sewage–hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, mercaptans, skatoles, indoles, and amines. Of these gases, hydrogen sulfide (or H2S) is the worst. It smells like rotten eggs and it’s extremely corrosive, flammable, and poisonous. If inhaled at levels as low as 50 ppm, it can damage the eyes. At 100 ppm, it can paralyze the sense of smell, and at 320 ppm and higher, it can cause death. Unfortunately, there are instances where a toxic waste dump led to the deaths of multiple people. As a corrosive, hydrogen sulfide has caused millions of dollars of damage to sanitary sewer systems.

Our Solution

Fortunately, Aquatic BioScience has an answer for wastewater odor control. We produce a biodigester that is both very effective at supporting wastewater processing and at eliminating odors. This product, ABS-WP, uses natural organic acid oxidation to control odors. Oxidation, which is the process where oxygen is applied to an element, has been proven to be extremely effective in neutralizing hydrogen sulfide. Our products are highly concentrated and effective and outperform competitive products on a regular basis.

Aquatic BioScience has been serving water treatment customers since 1989. We’re committed to environmentally sound solutions that solve problems naturally. Our products are exclusive, safe, and very effective. If your plant or operation is suffering from noxious fumes, try our wastewater odor control solutions. Your employees and neighbors will appreciate your efforts to protect their safety and promote a healthy environment.