Wastewater BacteriaWastewater treatment is one of the most important processes in modern cultures. If wastewater isn’t disposed of properly, entire populations are subjected to diseases, contaminated water, and extremely unsanitary conditions. Since 1989, Aquatic BioScience, LLC, has been committed to addressing water pollution with our specialized brand of beneficial wastewater bacteria. These bacteria can be applied to wastewater treatment processes to achieve outstanding results.

The Need for Wastewater Bacteria

Aquatic BioScience has developed powerful combinations of microbial enzymes to address the complicated and far-reaching needs of today’s wastewater treatment systems. These wastewater bacteria are essential for the proper decomposition of waste. When the right concentration of these bacteria are applied, wastewater is more quickly and more effectively prepared for disposal or reuse–also known as water reclamation. With human populations ever growing, the need for advanced and accelerated treatment options is great.

The Results of Wastewater Bacteria

The wastewater bacteria from Aquatic BioScience reduces both the biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) in wastewater, improves floc settling, and promotes stability of the system. The natural oxidation process resolves odor problems too. With our powerful enzymatic formulas at work, the capacity of your wastewater treatment system will be increased and the negative impact on the environment will be decreased.

Our Products

We stand by the quality of our products. Labs have shown that formulas from Aquatic BioScience, LLC, are more concentrated and effective than those of our competitors. You can be assured that our wastewater bacteria compounds are the best you’ll find in the industry. We care about the environment and the impact that water pollution can have on it. Because of that, we’ve put science to work and brought it to your doorstep. Our microbial enzymes are available in both liquid and dry formats and are available to distributors and customers worldwide. Contact us today to see the difference that our products will make for your treatment plant!