Residential Septic Tank Care and Maintenance


Odors becoming a problem?

You need Septic Bio-Digester™!

Septic Bio-Digester™ is a powerful, natural product that will clean your drain lines, liquefy waste in the septic tank, and keep the leach field lines clean and odor free.

You can avoid a costly septic tank disaster with our easy and inexpensive septic tank maintenance system.

Septic Bio-Digester™ is a biologically-engineered formula designed to clean your entire septic system. Join the many homeowners that already use this product to keep their septic systems clean and free of backups or blockages.


One year supply is designed for the average 1,000 gallon residential septic tank. Product is sold in a 4.5-pound resealable bucket.

septic-bd-web-smlEasy to apply!

Pour 1/2 cup into toilet or other drain (that dumps to septic tank) every other week. Then flush with water.