Industrial Septic Tank Treatment

  • Reduces offensive odors.ABS-Septic
  • Helps reduce septic tank backups.
  • Reduces clogged drains, line blockages, and drain field problems.
  • Reduces frequent pump-outs.
  • Restores natural beneficial bacteria in entire septic system.
  • Greatly improves and speeds organic waste breakdown.
  • Accelerates the liquefying process.
  • No residue, environmentally-friendly, and safer than harsh chemicals.


ABS-ST Septic Tank Treatment is used to improve the efficacy and eliminate septic tank problems and associated odors in an environmentally-sound manner in a variety of septic tanks systems including: municipal institutions, military bases, schools, office buildings, hotels, resorts, hospitals, apartments, food complexes, restaurants, airports, department stores, gas stations, bus terminals, factories, wineries, breweries, food processing plants, and all other types of facilities that rely upon septic tanks for wastewater disposal. ABS-ST Septic Tank Treatment contains powerful waste-digesting enzymes, essential nutrients. and selected strains of enzyme-producing bacteria. The enzyme complex acts to break down the organic material into water-soluble nutrients. The selected bacteria digest the released nutrients, multiply, and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire septic tank system under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Direction for use and application rate:

Initial treatment of any septic system should be two times the normal maintenance dosage of ABS-ST. As a general rule, normal preventative maintenance is one (1) cup of ABS-ST each week for every 2,000 gallons of total capacity. Note: Total capacity is determined by the total volume capacity of the main septic system receiver tank(s). Apply ABS-ST to any drain or water closet that flows into the main septic tank receiver. If possible, make the application during times of least flow for maximum retention time in the septic system.


For optimal shelf life, store product in cool space, under 100°F(38°C). Do not store in direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.


Buckets and fiber board drums, depending on quantity ordered.