Aquaculture Treatment Products
Our aquaculture treatment products are a powerful microbial enzyme formula—10 to 100 times more concentrated than any other aquaculture or shrimp farm treatment products available. The astounding success of products from Aquatic BioScience®, LLC, is due to our unique microorganism and enzyme formulations, specifically developed for each intended application. Liquid or dry formats treat water in shrimp farms, fish farms, and other aquaculture-related environments.

Since 95 percent of the world’s shrimp supply is grown on shrimp farms, it becomes extremely necessary to ensure that those farms provide the right kind of environment. If left untreated, these farms can fall prey to diseases, unsafe harvesting practices, and environmental compromises. Healthy aquaculture environments produce healthier seafood for the human population. In these environments, shrimp, fish, and other marine creatures are given an optimal habitat in which to grow and thrive. The aquaculture treatment products from Aquatic BioScience are solving shrimp farming problems the world over.

Contact Aquatic BioScience today to obtain the finest aquaculture treatment products on the market. Our products are available directly from us or from our distributors in Bangladesh, Peru, and Vietnam. Choose from our liquid or dry products shown below.

Our Exclusive Distributors

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Distributor: S & D Biotech
Contact: Sohel Chowdhury, Shumon Biswas or Debraj Biswas
Mailing address: 4 Nobogroh Bar Kotowali, Chittagong
Phone: 01711-883166 or 01715-265432

Peru South America

Distributor: Depurraggro
Contact: Eduardo Necochea Vergara
Mailing address: Lima, Peru
Phone: (511) 445-6321

Vietnam Vietnam

Distributor: Hai Ma Int’l Company Ltd
Contact: Trong Lap
Mailing address: Nha Trang
Phone: 0913.462058

Check out a before and after picture from a shrimp pond in Vietnam. As you can see one is prior to using our ABS-SF product and the other one is after applying our product.

Aquaculture Treatment Products and Applications

Microbial probiotic dry biodigester for shrimp farms and ponds.

Aquaculture microbial probiotic liquid biodigester for shrimp farms and ponds.

Aquaculture microbial probiotic dry biodigester for shrimp hatcheries.

Aquaculture microbial probiotic dry biodigester for lakes, ponds, and farms with fish.

Aquaculture biodigester for fish ponds and lakes in water soluble bags.

Pond flocculant for wastewater ponds. Clears water and improves filter performance. Environmentally safe.