Avoid a costly septic tank disaster with our easy and inexpensive septic treatment products and maintenance systems. Just add our powerful products to your system regularly! The facultative and anaerobic natural bacteria and enzymes contained in our septic tank water treatment products supercharge the natural digestion process and keep your whole system clean and operating effectively.

It’s easy to forget about septic tanks since septic systems are buried underground. But with enough bacteria residing in an adequately-sized septic system, there shouldn’t be any problems. Everything that flows into the septic tank is liquefied by the existing bacteria/enzyme population and then flows out through perforated leach piping into the leach field(s).

Problems occur when:

  • The system was not designed to handle the current load.
  • There aren’t enough bacteria in the septic tank(s).
  • Large amounts of grease, oil, cleaning chemicals, detergents, etc., are killing off or overwhelming the resident bacteria.

Any of these will contribute to your leach field piping plugging up–one hole at a time. 
As the system starts to deteriorate, you’ll notice a black slimy substance in the main tank and leach piping. This material sets up a waterproof barrier that prevents discharge into the leach field. When this happens, your septic system is losing efficiency. As a temporary measure, you could have the main receiving tank(s) pumped out, but things will only get worse. It’s not uncommon for entire leach field(s) to require abandonment. A new leach field is not only expensive, but it can sometimes be impossible to create–for a variety of reasons. There is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid this potential disaster. The septic tank enzyme and septic tank bacteria in our septic treatment products is the way. Don’t delay in starting your septic tank care program!

Septic Tank Treatment Products and Applications

A full-year supply for the average residential septic tank. Packed in a convenient bucket.

For large industrial septic tank systems.