Water, A Basic Need

Water is the world’s most basic and essential resource. We all need it. We need safe water to drink, healthy water for shrimp and fish farms, and non-contaminated water for us and for aquatic animals to enjoy.

Lasting Solutions

Aquatic BioScience is committed to providing lasting solutions for water problems everywhere. Our specialized products are designed to work with nature when treating water or creating healthy aquatic environments. To accomplish this, we provide a number of environmentally-beneficial, scientifically-tested formulas for application to wastewater treatments, shrimp farms and other aquaculture environments, septic tanks, ponds, water gardens, and more.

Powerful Formulas

Our formulas reduce or eliminate toxic wastes that go into the environment. We do this with powerful microbial enzyme treatments that are designed to assist with the natural decomposition of waste. Our products are more concentrated than our nearest competitor. Even better, Aquatic BioScience products are accessible to anyone who needs quality water solutions–individuals, companies, public facilities, international entities, and more.

Find out how you can experience the difference with Aquatic BioScience.

Customers rely on our microbial enzyme formula for industrial wastewater treatment because our products are more powerful and concentrated than our nearest competitor AND available in water soluble bags.

Septic Tank Care and Treatment

Industrial & Residential
Industrial septic treatment
Avoid a costly septic tank disaster with our easy and inexpensive septic treatment and maintenance products. Just add our powerful products to your system regularly!

Aquaculture Treatment

Shrimp Farm Products
Shrimp pond with an aquaculture treatment pump
Our aquaculture products are a powerful microbial enzyme formula–more concentrated than any other aquaculture or shrimp farm treatment products available.
Aquatic BioScience is the proud manufacturer of Real Clear Pond Products, the best in water treatment products for koi ponds and water gardens.